ILM Shipping offers competitive rates and services for courier packages partnering with leading courier companies. 


As a company who offers a service in the courier segment, we are geared to offer very competitive rates as our partnering agreements do avail us competitive rates. 


Our courier service is offered Worldwide and we do offer it in a triangle trade too.

Transport (Haulage)

Acting as a transport agent, we, at ILM Shipping have partnered with respected and reliable Truckers to offer our Customers transport solutions by allocating trucks or other carriage of goods to be present at the designated point as required.


Our partnering trucking companies have been given suffice information about the quality of Drivers and Cleaners they ought to allocate for our orders.Consequently, our pricing strategies which are applied, have positioned us as a competitive company in the market and to those to whom we have been of service, have always opted to prioritize offering the job to us at ILM Shipping.

transport service

Chartering of Vessels

The professionals at ILM Shipping have the expertise to offer services in the field of ‘Chartering of Vessels’. 


We are positioned to offer competitive rates to any order that require the services in the field of chartering of vessels.

Ocean Freight

he expertise in the industry spanning for over three decades have positioned us to be a Company that would be offered very competitive rates by our service providers.


Thus, it positions ILM Shipping to be a leading a company that could offer competitive rates to our Clientele based on the volumes generated and/or on ‘spot’ basis. 


The business relationship we maintain with our Customers and the very fact that we understand the competitive markets in which our Clientele are in, we don’t hesitate to offer them the best deal, taking into consideration the pricing and timely deliveries nevertheless upholding the fact of offering a reliable service.

door-door logistics

Door-Door Logistics

ILM Shipping have partnered with several agents around the world to offer our Clientele ‘Door-Door’ logistics. Our know-how in the industry have positioned us to offer ‘door-door’ services by considering the best optional port from which it makes our offer be highly competitive to our Clientele. 


Our strength in this area is as we avoid looking at conventional routes and rather work to seek new routes which can assist our Clientele to be highly competitive in their market, with pricing and transit strategy.