About Our Company

We are an organization established in 2016 with an aim of offering our services in the field of shipping and logistics. Since then we have journeyed a highly competitive path and have progressed to establish an organization that can be relied upon. Our Company’ know how in the field of shipping is as far as from 1989. 


The exposure in the industry over past years in many spheres such as: Liner shipping; Container yard operations; Transportation; Logistics: and NVOCC operation counts to our success as we are able to offer an extensive service in the industry by understanding the need our Clientele. We offer services in accordance with the requirement of our Clientele and do specialize in Door-Door services in Sri Lanka and Worldwide. We become different to others on account of the stated exposure in the industry.

Mission Statement

International Logistics Movers (Pvt) Ltd shall service the field of shipping and logistics by offering a superlative service upholding the core values of the organization: Dependability; Reliability; Loyalty; Commitment and a Win-Win to its maximum surpassing the expectations of its stakeholders. 


The Company shall strategically improve its trade-knowledge that would be used to uplift its services in the industry.  The Company shall honor all transactions of its Clients and service providers and meet their requirements upholding the integrity of the organization.By adhering to the afore-stated, the company shall move towards being the COMPANY SOUGHT-AFTER IN THE FIELD OF SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS IN SRI LANKA.


As an organization in the shipping, logistics & transportation field, our core value revolves around dependability. We, not only market our services, but we also work toward branding it.


When an opportunity arises to serve a Customer, we do it with passion and we extend our fullest corporation to ensure the need is addressed surpassing their ideal standard. 

This very particular habit transforms our activities making our company a dependable one. 


Our vast experience and exposure in the field of shipping and logistics vouches Customers a reliable and superlative service at all times.


We can be relied upon as we are a shipping company that has extensive knowledge in many spheres and can duly advise and offer the best possible services to our Customers by even extending and advising the dangers that may prevail in certain areas of logistics.


We commit ourselves to offer our services in par with the commitment made at the time of entering into a transaction. 


We uphold our commitments at all times.


especting each ones business transaction and understanding the importance of sustenance, we strive to offer the best and most profitable option to our Clientele.

Win-Win Situation

As a company in the field of shipping and logistics we maintain our loyalty towards our Customers and we do respect each ones business upholding complete confidentiality of transactions entered into.